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Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

Who is Tiger Eye Stone Right For?

Are you wondering if the tiger eye is safe for you? This is a chatoyant gemstone that helps to clear emotional confusion. According to ancient history, the tiger eye is reminiscent of the tiger’s eye, and thus a gorgeous stone associated with attaining success. It is known to bring genuine happiness to a family, spread love, and attract reputation. The crystal also brings optimism and creativity into your life.

The unbelievable powers of the stone can change your future for the better. It loosens any of your stress and worries to help you find a purpose while detoxing the body. The stone can energize you when you need to or help you relax if you require peace. This duality of purpose is one of the crystal’s best attributes.

The most practical attribute of the tiger eye’s stones is keeping life’s balance and restoring any balance you have lost. It will also boost your willpower and energy levels in ways to help you achieve your purpose. If you experience one of the most chaotic periods in your life, the stone will bring clarity and foresight. In the end, these gemstones will bring enlightenment into your life while grounding you in a spiritual sense.

What Healing Properties Does Tiger’s Eye Have?

Tiger eye is a crystal that brings genuine happiness and wellbeing to your life and your family. It can also spread love and harmony wherever it is kept. If you are curious about the stone's benefits, then you are in for a treat. There are several ways you can use the tiger eye at home and reap the benefits of its unique energy.

The first healing benefit is the concentration and focuses on the crystal providing the much-needed alertness. It will bring you focus and attention if you are a student and requires this alertness. With it present in your pocket, you will not be distracted by anything and can carry it for presentations or exams.

Secondly, the stone attracts luck and prosperity into your life. This is a natural magnet associated with good fortunes. Provided you put the piece in the southern direction, it will attract prosperity and attraction. If you want to naturally attract finances into your life, place it in your wallet or safe.

Thirdly, it is associated with health and harmony. If you want to attract peace and good health into your house, keep the stone in the house's eastern part. You can also boost your digestive system after having food by placing the gemstone over your solar plexus chakra.

Also, if you are suffering from low self-esteem and confusion, then the tiger eye stone can be of great help. When you place this crystal over each of your chakras for 30 seconds, it will align with your chakra and improve your self-confidence. The stone will flush in healing energy into your body and help you feel your best self.

At the same time, the tiger eye can resolve issues of decision-making, especially for introverts. If you are defined as indecisive by friends or have problems acting in life, this gemstone can help you. When you hold the crystal and ask your questions to seek the light of guidance from the stone, it will quicken making decisions.

Who Can Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

Tiger eye is ruled by two celestial bodies, the Sun, and Mars. The sun is associated with positivity and warmth while balancing your ego. Since the run rules the piece, it brings self-realization and will help you realize your dreams. On the other hand, the stone is ruled by Mars, and thus associated with desire and energy. Mars protects people from dangers.

You can wear this stone if you are an Arian since Aries is ruled by Mars, the tiger's ruling planet. Mars helps people find their passion and purpose in life. Therefore, if you are aligned to the planet, the piece will clear negativity and blocks. Those aligned with Jupiter can also wear the stone Again, since Leo is the sun, you can wear it if you are a Leo. In most cases, the sun is the ruler of the tiger eye, and any friendly plants around the sun determine who wears the gemstone. At the same time, if your zodiac sign is friends with Mars, such as the moon, you can wear the stone. People associated with the Cancer sign may benefit from wearing tiger eye jewelry by helping them heal and find physical stamina. People related to other zodiac signs such as Sagittarius and Pisces can also wear the gemstone to bring power and self-confidence.

Who Should not Wear Tiger Eye?

Similarly, there is a zodiac who cannot wear this. Any enemies of the sun such as Venus and Saturn make you enemies of the stone. Therefore, if you were born under the constellation of Taurus that is ruled by Venus, you must not wear it or lead to vanity and failures. Similarly, since Venus also rules Libra, you cannot wear the tiger eye gemstone as it will make you dull and anxious.

Saturn rules two zodiac signs of Capricorn and Aquarius, which means you cannot wear it if you are born under these zodiac signs. If you are a Capricorn and wear it, it will disturb your peace and cause nightmares. Those with born under Aquarius should not wear it to avoid being agitated with a hot temper due to the stone. Virgo signs will also suffer from joint and muscle pains when they use the stone.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Tiger eye stones?

The authentic tiger eye stone meaning is made up of silicon dioxide and will come in yellow and orange colors with black banding on it. Since it is formed from quartz, ensure it looks somewhat like glass when you hold up to the light. Also, the tiger eye shows glossy luster and has yellow and brown bands. You can find the tiger eye stone from This is the source for all-natural stones

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