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Amethyst Stone Meaning

Overview of Amethyst Stone

Amethysts in the quartz family are half-worthy stones. By adding manganese and iron impurities to the quartz, they are tinted lavender to deep purple.

Amethyst, the precious stone of quartz, is the birthplace of Feb. The most common amethysts, called Siberian amethysts, are deep purple with blue and red flashes. Sometimes these gems can be found in or like other stone types.

Amethyst Stone Meaning

The amethyst crystal sense is an important cornerstone in any lover's set of crystals. This quieting stone helps you to relax your mind and can help you get to a higher state of being through sleep, meditation when going through life. Regardless of who you are or what your priorities are, this crystal will aid you on your way through life.

Amethyst Stone Benefits


Owing to its purifying expertise, detoxification is one of the most essential advantages. It facilitates the purification of the body from inside. This includes purification and the opening of the chakras, blood purification, and elimination from the body of toxins. One of the most successful ways to detoxify your body with amethyst is to put a big geode in a room where you spend much time so that your body can regularly be surrounded by its purifying energies.

Weight Loss

Amethyst encourages loss of weight in different ways. It regulates metabolism to make the body more effective in burning calories. The hormones also balance, increasing weight loss. It allows us to resist unhealthy habits more quickly so that we can keep to our diets, consume healthy foods and practice daily.

Improves Hormone Balance

Amethyst provides harmony to the system that makes the hormones in the body, the endocrine system. This is significant given that most people have a hormonal problem. The stone may be used to improve the output of the entire endocrine system that encompasses the hypothalamic, hypophysial, thyroid, parathyroid, suprarenal, pineal, reproductive glands, and pancreas.

Helps with headaches

Amethyst in general, helps relieve the pain. Its calming force calms the pain and helps to minimize the tension and exhaustion of two major causes of headaches. To ease a headache using it, place it on the head region where you feel the pain and as you lay down. Close your eyes and you will slowly feel the pain fading away from the quartz.

What Bad Effects Can Amethyst Stone Have?

Crystal energy is genuine and for certain people, after being in touch with or interacting with their energies, they may experience certain side effects. Quartz crystals are known in the mineralogical realm as among the best spiritual energy conductors.

Any side effects, most importantly with quartz crystals, may be encountered. You should be comfortable and prepared to work with crystals on yourself or on others and understand any potential side effects. Some side effects mainly linked to Amethyst crystals are:

Increased sense of awareness

Some external stimuli such as TV programs or songs may also sound more alert. Some media or sounds, smells, images can create long lost childhood memories, and may not be accepted. Care should also be taken so that the healing process is still slow and tolerable. Healing is never supposed to rush.

Emotional swings

Amethyst crystals can cause spontaneous emotional reactions. Some of the emotional responses of people who have suffered from crystal healing are weeping, laughing, and euphoria. This is because all of us bear the negative emotional baggage from childhood, which is now being worked on unexpectedly by crystal energies. As they dissolve, people sometimes experience emotional fluctuations.


Another reaction, especially in a crystal curative session, is the lightness or dizziness. When the individual lies all through the session, sit up gradually and stop standing until the light-headedness is over.


Over-exposure to Amethyst crystals can often lead to stomach discomfort or diarrhea. The individual may not yet be prepared to deal with the influx of energy. If you think that the crystal is too big, use it for a smaller time in a day or less. The issue can often be due to the excess of inbound energy in the crystal healing arrangement or because the conductive metal is too high as in crystal jewelry.

Energy tingles

You will experience tingles that feel like tiny pins and needles occurring at a random point in the body during crystal healing. You can also feel hot and cold flashes alternating. All these are indicators of energy flows in the body and of the need for meshing to fix the gaps in the etheric body.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Amethyst Stones?

Do you crave peace and quiet for a minute at the end of a tiring day, or during a stressful situation? Are you working to connect with your inner awareness and wisdom? Are you on a spiritual path to lift your strength? Even if you have not asked yourself these questions, you can find Amethyst to be useful.

Amethyst is an important part of any crystal lover's collections, both for beginners to more professional crystal practitioners. If you have recently found yourself in need of Amethyst or the benefits mentioned feel free to reach out through contact information and we will be sure to help you get started on your journey.

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