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What is Tiger’s Eye Stone?

A tiger eye is a beautiful semi-precious stone known for its unique color and design. Tiger eye stones are glossy and lustrous with a finish like glass. Their most distinctive characteristic is golden to a reddish- brownish color that features a mesmerizing shape resembling a cat's eye. There are other color combinations but the golden tones are the most revered. Tiger eyes have unmistakeable stones and are found throughout the world for creating and adorning jewelry and sculptures and various artwork. They are also known to have special spiritual meanings and are used in meditation. Tiger’s eye stone has a rich history dating back to ancient Roman culture who believed that these stones created an inner sense of bravery and courage. It is said to be both "feared and revered as the magical "all-seeing and all-knowing" eye would allow the wearer to see everything, even through closed doors and walls. Some still consider this an inner third eye that provides us with our instinct and inner voice. The Egyptians believed that the captivating tiger's eyes were connected to a mystical tiger, the king of the jungle. Roman soldiers wore engraved examples on their armor to protect them, give them courage, and integrity during battle. Throughout history, the mysterious tiger eye stones have been revered as a stone of good fortune prosperity and protection.

What Are The Healing Properties of a Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Tiger’s eye is a powerful stone that is said to release fear so you can take action to make logical decisions with clarity and understanding and accomplish goals. It is associated with many positive energies including courage, protection, clear thinking, empowerment, willpower, grace, grounding, good luck, success, and integrity. Some say it will grant the wearer amazing focus needed for emotion-free, confident, and compassionate, problem-solving. Tiger eyes are also known to enhance one's creative spirit and help rediscover your true or spiritual self. It is said to balance one's yin-yang and provide an understanding of the extremes between masculinity and femininity, right and wrong, dark and light good and bad. The tiger's eye will also relieve anxiety and balance mood swings and overall emotional health.There are some interesting health benefits associated with the beautiful tiger's eye. In addition to balancing emotional health, it has healing energies to heal sicknesses, alleviate pain throughout the body, clearing sinus congestion, releasing toxins, improving vision, and increasing metabolism. It is also associated with quicker recovery from broken bones, back, neck, and spinal injuries.

Is A Tiger’s Eye Stone Dangerous?

The tiger eye stone is associated with many myths and traditions, most positive. Some believe that it is a symbol of pure, authentic good. Wearing or using a tiger eye is absolutely safe and is not dangerous at all. A tiger's eye is considered a pure gemstone with a strong connection to the Earth and Sun. It actually removes dark and negative energy and helps keep haunting spirits away. This will protect from curses and other types of ill wishes cast. It is also a stone that helps the wearer to send positive energy and well being to others around them.

Who Should Not Wear Tiger Eye Stone?

This material is powerful indeed and when you were born and your horoscope sign could play a part in if the stone's powers will have a positive or negative effect in your life and spirituality. If you were born between April 20 and May 20 your horoscope sign is Taurus which is ruled by Venus. You must stay away from a tiger's eye stone because it may create negative energies in your life. Those born between December 22 and January 19 are Capricorns and wearing a tiger's eye or sleeping with one nearby will disrupt a night of deep sleep, causing terrible nightmares and even spoiling a successful career. Libra, the horoscope sign of those born between September 23 and October 22 should be leery of tigers' eye powers and should keep extra alert and aware of the tiger's eye powers that could cause anxiety and emotional imbalance. In addition, Aquarius horoscope signs, born between January 20 and February 18 should stay away from these stones as they could make them feel angrier than usual with a bit of a temper. Virgos, born between August 23 and September 22 should steer clear of a tiger eye because it is said they could suffer from muscle and joint pain if one is nearby.

Where Can I Buy Authentic Tiger Eye Stones?

Tiger eye and other organic natural stones can provide well being and spiritual health while adding beauty to our lives. Natural stones have been admired and collected for thousands of years. and each one has its own unique, inherent meaning. We encourage you to visit our website at and start your very own authentic stone collection today.

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