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About Gemquartz


The company was founded in Sao Paulo Brazil in 1975. After many years of working with semi precious stones we relocated in Miami Florida USA 1990 which has been our new location for 29 years. We have worked 44 years in the natural stones, semi precious stones business and we have had a series of collection of items from various parts of the world which intrigue collectors and stone collectors.

colorful gemquartz stones and minerals

Where we get our stones from:


Our natural stones and minerals have been accessed from various parts of the world. They range from nations such as Brazil, China, Afghanistan, Madagascar, Colombia, Peru, South Africa, USA, India. With a vast range of experience dating back from being in business since 1975 there is much we can provide which will show what you happen to be looking for as a stone collector. Having had experience in selling natural stones and minerals for close to 44 years now we understand the importance of what it means to know how to value precious and semiprecious stones.

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