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The History of the Tiger’s Eye Stone

Throughout history, the tiger's eye stone has been thought to bring protection and good luck to its wearer. The Egyptians thought that it brought good luck and created jewelry with it. The Romans wore it into battle for protection from harm. The ancient Chinese also thought that the stone's unique appearance could bring one good luck. These beliefs have carried into modern times, with pagans and metaphysical practitioners wearing it for grounding, protection, and to ward off negativity.

What are the Different Meanings of Tiger’s Eye Stones?

Modern tiger eye stones help to bring the wearer confidence, warding off evil while providing them with an attractive piece of jewelry. These beautiful pieces can be worked into small beads, large cabochons, rings, or broaches to let the stone's natural energy shine through. When you need something to bring you a little extra luck and confidence, why not rely on a tiger's eye stone like generations before you?

What are the Healing Properties and Benefits of Tiger’s Eye Stones?

Tiger’s eye helps you release anxiety and pent up negative energy, so that you can ground your emotions and feel at ease. This can help you control symptoms like anxiety, insomnia, and anger, so that you can make calm, clear-headed decisions. You can also carry a tiger's eye on your body or in your bag to help ward against curses and ill wishes. These stones make excellent pocket worry stones, as long as you cleanse them on a regular basis. Alternatively, you can choose a piece of jewelry that features a tiger eye so that you're always wearing a bit of protection.

Where Does Tiger’s Eye Stone Originate From?

Tiger’s eye stones are primarily mined in South Africa and Western Australia, then exported to other countries to be made into jewelry or polished and sold as individual stones.

What Metaphysical Properties Does Tiger’s Eye Stone Have?

Tiger's eye stone is known for bringing protection to the wearer. Many individuals wear it to help them ground and focus their minds, while protecting them from outside forces. It can help them ward off fear and anxiety, providing them with the mental strength that they need to face their problems.


What is the Chemical Composition of Tiger’s Eye Stone?

Tiger's eye stone is made up almost entirely of silicon dioxide and gets its special coloration from bands of iron oxide of varying concentrations. This provides each stone with a beautiful striped appearance and allows each one their own unique beauty.

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