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The History of the Amethyst Stone

Amethyst comes from the Greek term for intoxication or drunkenness. Ancient civilizations long considered the Amethyst Stone a symbol of spirituality and clear thinking. Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans used it for deep healing and protection against intoxication.

Some civilizations believed wearing it would stop them from getting "falling down" drunk. Ancient Greeks and Romans would make their drinking cups out of the stone to prevent drunkenness.

What Are the Different Meanings of Amethyst Stones?

Many believe ancient Egyptians would wear the stones as jewelry to protect themselves from witchcraft, while others used the stone to avoid fearful thoughts or feelings of guilt. Aside from the Greeks, Romans, and Egyptians, many civilizations attached meaning to this mesmerizing stone. Spirituality and royal lineage were often associated with the Amethyst Stone.

What Are the Healing Properties and Benefits of Amethyst Stones? 

Some believed this could help human cell regeneration, which promoted hormonal balance. Other cultures thought the Amethyst's purple hue would cleanse the mind, body, and soul. Many people also believe this can help ease migraines or clear a foggy head. Most of all, the stone encourages a "sober mind."


Emotional healing powers draw many people to the Amethyst Stone. When it is close by, it gives people clarity to a chaotic life. Additionally, it can help people who suffer from the "fear of the unknown," and it helps those who are struggling with overwhelming grief.


Where Do Amethyst Stones Originate?

The Amethyst Stone originates from several regions and countries, but it is primarily found in Brazil and Uruguay. The Rio Grande do Sui, Brazil, and Artigas, Uruguay are the two leading producers of Amethyst. South Korea, Austria, Russia, and Africa also mine the stone. Several locations in the U.S., including Gila and Maricopa counties in Arizona and Fort Collins, Colorado, produce Amethyst.


What Metaphysical Properties Does Amethyst Stone Have?

Amethyst is well-known for its power to enhance the senses and give people an understanding of what is beyond the physical world. Most notably, the stone promotes a higher state of spiritual understanding and consciousness. This higher understanding beyond the physical world helps people accelerate their development of intuition and critical thinking.


What Is the Chemical Composition of Amethyst Stone?

The chemical formula for the Amethyst Stone is Sio2 (Silicon Dioxide). Experts believe minute amounts of iron give the material its purple color.

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